Green Pluslink Sdn Bhd

Green Pluslink Sdn Bhd is in the business of waste disposal management and treatment. Its current activity is to produce marketable carbon black, oil and steel from discarded rubber products, especially tires.

Over the years, the company has developed a process using pyrolysis to convert recovered rubber products. Pyrolysis is the process of thermal decomposition of organic substances in an oxygen starved, non-incinerating environment.

Carbon black is a black powder used primarily as an essential reinforcing agent in a wide variety of rubber products, particularly tires. Its importance lies in its unique ability to enhance or reinforce the physical properties of elastomeric.

When oil is recovered through our process, it becomes saleable fuel oil which can be sold as diesel fuel with industrial applications. Apart from that, steel that is recovered from discarded tires can be processed into friction materials for the automotive market, welding, powder processing and forging businesses.



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Kawasan Perindustrian PKNS,
42000 Port Klang

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