We currently manages four workshops engaged in the MRO of safety, survival, security and rescue equipment for the aviation industries.
Core Activities:
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of safety, survival, security and rescue equipment
Supply and services of aviation ground support safety equipment
Supply and services of aviation electronic, electro-mechanical & optronics equipment
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of aircraft ejection seat
Our Marine subsidary offers the service and maintenance of marine safety and survival equipment to the Malaysian marine defence agencies and maritime industries in Malaysia.
Marine safety and survival equipment services and supply
Under water and diving equipment
Explosive Ordnance Depot (EOD) equipment and services
Decompression and hyperbaric chamber services and supply
Marine armament (explosives, missile, bomb & weapon system)
Reinforce Inflatable Boat (RIB) supply and maintenance
Submarine escape suit supply and maintenance
Ship spare parts
Maritime security barriers protection against terrorists in speedboats
Engineering Services
Engineering Services offers services of high and low pressure cylinders, consultation and servicing of hyper and hypobaric chambers and fabrication of specific aviation and non-aviation safety products for the defence and commercial sector.
Hydrostatic testing. The workshop hydrostatic test activity is approved by US Department of Transport.
Sand blasting and painting
Baroscopic inspection
Halon leak testing
Agent/gas filling for oxygen, carbon dioxide, halon (1211 & 1301), helium and compressed air.
Breathing apparatus (SCBA, SCUBA and CCBA) Design and fabrication gas manifold panel
Nitrogen/carbon dioxide bottles Raft/slide bottles
Aircraft engine fire extinguisher Floatation bottles
Portable fire extinguisher Oxygen bottles
Hyper and hypobaric chamber Air bottles
Design and fabrication of tree escape system   Pneumatic bottles
The objective of the company is principally to engage itself in the business of supplying defence and aviation equipment and accessories.
Core Activities:
Supply of service and maintenance of hyperbaric chamber and ancillary for 96 Armed Forces Hospital, Royal Malaysian Navy
Supply and delivery of pyrotechnic items for the Malaysian Army
Supply and delivery of stun grenade for Royal Malaysian Navy
Safety and survival equipment (Land, Air, Sea) Consultancy to original equipment manufacture
Aircrew emergency escape system Fire fighting apparel
Electro-mechanical equipment Decompression chamber supply and service maintenance
Electronics and optronics equipment Aircraft part
Armament (explosives, missile, bomb & weapon system)    
Fire Protection & Services
We are recognized as the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) company for Fire Extinguishers, Fixed Installation and Fire Rescue Equipment and have served Malaysian Armed Forces, Commercial Aviation and Maritime Industry.
Fire fighting/suppression system Generators - pertaining to fire fighting only
Fire rescue tool box Compressors - pertaining to fire fighting only
Chain saw pertaining to fire fighting only Cutters - pertaining to fire fighting only
Fire and rescue personal protective gear Sand blasting equipments and its accessories
Breathing apparatus pertaining to fire fighting only Pneumatic oower equipments
Portable pump pertaining to fire fighting only   Fire extinguisher - pertaining to fire fighting only
Battery charger pertaining to fire fighting only